***Note: All mini-conferences are 4 hours in length and require a registration fee of $99 each.*** 


Proclaimers Place

This mini-conference is an intensive small group experience that covers exegesis, hermeneutics, and homiletics.


The History of Black Preaching

This session will teach you the historical milestones that have influenced black preaching today.


Social Justice and the Church **new**

Join us as we explore what it means to “speak truth to power”. Discover how to revolutionize your voice in your ministry and community.


Developing a Multi-site Church 

This mini-conference will provide the tools you will need to map your multisite journey. You will discover what it takes to plan, prep, launch, and grow your campus.


Worship in the Church

This mini-conference will present best practices necessary for developing a transformational worship experience in the life of your church.


Reaching Millennials & Gen Z **new**

You will learn how to communicate God’s unchanging truth to a suspicious transitional generation.


How to Staff your Church **new**

This mini-conference will give you practical best practices on staffing your church.


How to Preach a Sermon Series

This session will offer strategies that will guide in you how to prepare for a sermon series.


Developing an Annual Sermon Plan

This session will equip you with the tools you’ll need to plan your sermons in a timely and effective manner.


Women in Ministry 

This session will give you the tools to navigate the rocky terrain of ministry.

Breaking Growth Barriers

This session will provide you with the tools to assess your current ministry and identify barriers that are preventing your ministry from growing numerically, spiritually, and financially.


Church Planting Models

You will learn the types of church plants and the stages necessary to move from launching to a thriving church.


Developing a Vibrant Fine Arts Ministry

This session will help you think through various ways you can expand and / or strengthen the Fine Arts Ministry.


Equipping Leaders in your Church

This session will provide best practices and models for developing leaders in your church.


Keys to Balancing Family and Ministry 

This session provide key principles for the attendee to maintain a healthy balance with family and ministry.


Ministering in the Second Chair 

You will learn how to lead effectively when you are not the Senior Leader.

Apologetics in Preaching **new**

This session will provide the basic tools needed to prepare efficiently for the preaching moment.


Authenticity in Preaching **new**

This session will inform the preacher on ways to foster unity in a church that is facing factions.


Developing a Ministry that reaches Millennials & Gen Z 

This session is designed to help attendees thrive in new pastoral assignments that follow long tenured predecessors.


Effective Introduction, Conclusions, and Illustrations

This session will provide the preacher with essential elements to effective preaching.


Funding Ministry **new**

This session will provide strategies on effectively preaching on stewardship.


Help! I’m Burnt-out: Maintaining Your Joy in Serving **new**

This session will give the preacher devotional practices that will strengthen their personal spiritual life.


How to Study the Bible

This session will present various ways in which you can study the bible.


Leading from the Middle **new**

This session will teach the preacher best practices on engaging our current culture.


Lessons for Ministry from Ephesians **new**

This session will teach you how to preach effectively through specific chapters of the book of Ephesians.



A comprehensive session on the latest updates that Logos offers in 2018.


Preaching Christmas, Mother’s Day & Easter

This session will present creative ways to preach on traditional days of the church.


Preaching Ephesians 1-6 (multiple sessions) **new**

These sessions will teach you how to preach effectively through specific chapters of the book of Ephesians.


Preaching for Strong Families **new**

This session will equip the preacher with various ways to intentionally provide principles and strategies that build up the families of the church. 


Preaching Prophetically: Social Justice & Racial Reconciliation **new**

This session will help the preacher strategically preach for change in the area of societal injustices and racial divides. 


Preaching the Genres of Scripture

This session will teach the preacher how to preach the different genres of scripture.


The Basics of Sermon Preparation

This session will provide the basic tools needed to prepare efficiently for the preaching moment.


The Importance of Prayer in the Pulpit and Pew **new**

This session will teach the preacher how to navigate through the cultural norms of today to communicate a biblical view of prayer.


Transitioning the Church

The session will teach best practices on preaching and leading through change.


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