We are offering a variety of specialty mini-conferences. You will have the opportunity to hear best practices on the development and the delivery of preaching in today’s culture.  Sign up for these essential and engaging conferences to strengthen your preaching.

Proclaimers Place (Joel Gregory)

This session will offer insight into biblical preaching as well as resources to exegete scripture in seminary-like fashion in order to shape the text for biblical preaching.

Preaching 1 Corinthians (Sean Taylor)

This session will teach you how to preach effectively through specific chapters of the book of Corinthians.

The Power to Preach (Ralph West)

Join us as we explore the building blocks of expository preaching as well as why you should consistently use expository preaching in your ministry.

Developing An Annual Sermon Plan (Claude Alexander)

What would it be like to know what you are preaching for an entire year? Or are you stuck on how to preach that next sermon? This session will equip you with the tools you’ll need to plan your sermons in a timely and effective manner. You’ll leave able to be ahead of the curve in your sermon preparation.

How to Preach a Sermon Series (Jerry Carter)

This session will offer strategies that will guide in you how to prepare for a sermon series. From generating ideas to outlining key points, you will be able to put these practices into effect immediately. You will learn how to organize a teaching series from a topic, theme or section of Scripture.

Transformational Preaching in an Ever-Changing World (Marcus Cosby)

This session will equip you with the tools you need to understand today’s culture and stay true to the Biblical text.

Preaching to Millennials (Phillip Pointer)

You will learn how to communicate God’s unchanging truth to a suspicious transitional generation.

Transitioning the Church (Maurice Watson)

This mini-conference will present best practices necessary for navigating a church through change.

Keys to Building a Five Star Church  (E. Dewey Smith)

This mini-conference will provide the tools you will need to pursue excellence in ministry. It contains tips, tools and the inspiration you need to build a top-quality church that people will flock to and participate in.